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Who was it?
Was it the cute dimpled guy who we all could actually tell had feelings for the female lead and was always smiling Zhi Shu from the Tawainese version?
Was it Baek Seung Jo the guy who smiles once in a while but when he does he is so cute and makes your heart flutter from the Korean version?
Or was it Irie Naoki the intelligent, rarely ever smiles or laughs but still very handsome guy who looks like he is 17 but is actually about 10 years older from the Japanese version? My favorite is Baek Seung Jo which was quite tough for me to decide that because they are all so perfect. Now you decide and let me know who was your favorite male lead out of all the versions?
Joe Cheng <3
This may sound weird, but I like Joe Cheng the Best in the series, even though I think Yuki Furukawa plays the perfect Irie Naoki! I love them both they were amazing.