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Today, I was passing trough my hometown, and went to my old high scool. It really was something. I got so many mixed feelings instantly, though for a second about how I want to go back, back to the times when we were all so careless, so free, such badasses. Had so much fun, without overthinking it a thousand times. We didn't analyse, we just were. We loved, we friend, we laught, we lived. Times were just so easier back than. Don't you agree?
That is true. But when I was sitting afrond od this building all I saw was past memories, felt past feelings. I did not think about now. This was the places that started my social life and this was the place that destroyed it as well. But still, I would go back, just for a few weeks :)
It's sort of mixed for me. It was easier in the sense that I didn't have to pay any major bills. I had awesome friends and a lot of people who card about me. But there a lot of perks being an adult!
Oh okay. Don't know what to tell ya. @JacobMinor
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