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Lee Hyunwoo in To The Beautiful you!!!
Kim Woobin from Heirs!!!
Kim Hyunjoong from Boys over flowers!!!
Nam Goongmin from Can You Hear My Heart!!!
Lee Sungyun from Coffee Prince!!!
From all of these SMLs. The one that hit me hardest was Lee hyunwoo! Hes so cute and funny! ^^
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Kim Hyunjoong hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
I love Kim Hyunjoong!!! so sad to hear how much drama he's in though.... what with his ex and all
3 years ago·Reply
@TashBitner yeah i know :/
3 years ago·Reply
yes Lee Hyunwoo the nicest guy ever and do adorable
3 years ago·Reply
@MariaAlejokpop I love Lee Hyunwoo!! have you heard his song ode to you??
3 years ago·Reply