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I listen to a lot of Kpop now and just feel like making a playlist lol *^▁^* , maybe it can help someone who's looking for some more groups to branch out to or maybe old faves for some veteran kpoppers lol ∩__∩
This song was actually one of my first shinee songs and was stuck in my head for weeks on end lol, an oldie but goodie

Hello -shinee

Love Kyuhyun and his voice is amazing, love all his songs but he's one of my top bias so I'm probably biased (lol see what I did there)

The Time I Loved You - Kyuhyun

I kinda just find this music video hella funny, but the song is also catchy lol

Knock out - GD and TOP

Be my love - Bii

Bii wil always be a fav, my first artist and the artist that began my love for many types of Asian music

Mamacita - Super Junior

Love this song, my mom finds it hilarious for whatever reason, probably being that she's Hispanic and the song's theme lol

Error -VIXX

I started listening to VIXX just because I fell in love with this video, loved the story and choreo

12:30- Beast

This would be another example of a music video leading me to love a group, this got me right in the feels ~T_T~
hopefully you guys like some of the songs, I know there's a lot of songs I like so I want to share, will probably make some more playlists soon