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Who wouldn't LOVE to wake in the morning with sensual soft hands? Winter may be long over, but that is when I need it the most. But even in the sweltering summerime, my hands can get dried out and cracked. Chicago weather is a beast!
I found this pictoral how-to online that shows some quick simple steps to achieving soft hands every girl dreams of!
Under warm running water, gently exfoliate your hands. For about 3-5 minutes, exfoliate with a homemade paste of:
Sugar and olive oil, mixed into a paste
Ground oatmeal and milk, mixed into a paste
Baking soda and water, mixed into a paste
Rinse clean and dry hands.
Don't worry about too much, you want to squeeze about a quarter size amount of moisturizer onto each of your hands. Massage it well into your skin, between your fingers, into your cuticles and around your wrists.
Cover your hands into soft clean gloves that you can wear to bed comfortably. Socks will work just fine if you don't have gloves. This keeps the moisture locked into your skin and prevents it from smearing your bed linen.
In the morning, remove the gloves and apply more moisturizer if needed. A good idea is to apply cuticle lotion around the nails. Do this 2-3 times per week will leave you with consistently soft, supple hands round the clock.
My favorite part about this is how simple this is. Making exfoliant paste out of everyday pantry ingredients is super easy and free from complicated recipes. What are you secrets to keeping super soft hands year round? I have a bunch of scrubs you can make yourself here.