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Thanks to the ever so insightful @poojas for throwing out this extremely difficult challenge and making me think about all the times I have swooned over the never ending sea of 'chocolate abs' or all the feels I get from lead and second-lead males in my fav K-dramas. Through this, I was given a chance to showcase my list of irresistible Korean actors and *wiping away tears* I am so appreciative of that.
And for also allowing the inclusion of the ever so popular idol-actors. Let's not forget the unforgettable idol-actor torture we go through once our favorite idol has stepped onto the acting scene to give us twice the feels from their onstage presence to their onscreen presence. Whether big or small (whether movie or television) we still love the shower scenes and the eye glares or smoldering eye stares.
While this was a tough decision to make, with the help of a pair of smoldering eyes starring me down into submission I have finally narrowed down my list of male drama biases down to the following irresistible men:

Gong Yoo

First up is my first love and ever favorite actor Gong Yoo. I mean how could anyone resist him!?!
I first met Gong Yoo oppa through my very first K-drama, Coffee Prince, where he was of course the male lead. And in a typical Korean drama, which I soon discovered, the male lead is either a rich arrogant jerk in love with a girl that his family or who ever doesn't want him to be with or a broke rough guy that is super sweet and caring but knows how to live (or not they could always be that one sheltered guy).
Well, Gong Yoo oppa fell under the first category of the arrogant rich guy in Coffee Prince. And I honestly loved him the whole entire time. Even though his character was being a stubborn jerk, I could feel his natural caring personality which made me love him even more.
Another drama I love Gong Yoo oppa in is, Big. I truly love that drama mainly because oppa sings in it. Yes, Gong Yoo sings his own version of Davichi's Because It's You, which I so skillfully added into this post. Please check out the video and bask in oppa's beautiful singing voice.
I do not really only love this drama because Gong Yoo sings in it, since he has sung several other times. But I love this drama because it has such an unusual story of body switching and I got extra caught up in Lee Min Jung's feels for both the older brother and the younger brother. (Check it out if you haven't yet!)
Either way, Gong Yoo oppa is a true first love actor for me, making him one of my many biases in the acting world.


Now I hope you guys weren't expecting this post to be a TOP exclusion. (Especially since idol-actors were included.)
Lol, I love me some TOP and since BigBang brought me into the K-pop world and I fell in love I think I should give a little (or a lot) of homage to my first idol-actor.
Now because of oppa's insecurities, there aren't many topless TOP moments for us to swoon over but we do have all the other sides of TOP oppa to carry us through the many feels. There are also his notorious bad boy roles he plays in dramas and movies alike, as well as the good older brother role that I can't forget in Commitment.
Before I forget to mention what my first TOP drama was, here it is: I Am Sam and then there was Nineteen. I totally love Nineteen because of all that happened and of course Seungri oppa was also in it (being a little pervert nerd and all but still cute). But what really gave me feels was I Am Sam. This drama left me feeling a bit hurt since TOP oppa wasn't getting the girl he wanted. Cause you know TOP oppa deserves what he wants........

*lol, sorry excuse the excessive fangirling moment I just had*

Also let me give an honorable mention to the famed sniper Vick from Iris and Iris the Movie.
I don't know what else I can say other than I love TOP oppa for his bingu side, his mature wine and architecture loving side, for his cool calm and collected side, for his ever so adorable side and then there is so much more to love after all of that ^^.

TOP oppa hwaiting!!!!!!! BigBang hwaiting!!!!!!

Lee Sun Gyun

Yes I went there.
Next up on my list is the National Sexy Voice Lee Sun Gyun. Sun Gyun oppa gave me my first dose second-lead syndrome. I seriously had the most feels from his sweet and loving character in Coffee Prince. While I wasn't exactly rooting for him to be with Yoon Eun Hye's character. I was rooting for him to be with the girl that both he and his cousin, Gong Yoo oppa had all those feels for. I just sensed that they belonged together even though he was being shaken by Yoon Eun Hye's character. I mean who wouldn't?
That aside, of course, with the mention of Sun Gyun oppa I have to mention his singing, which I so skillfully included in this post lol.

Please enjoy (although I know most of you already have) the sweet serenading of Sun Gyun oppa.

Shin Sung Woo

Y'all remember Mama Shin from Roommate?
Well yeah I first met this handsome man through this really torturous melodrama.(It's not all that torturous but it gave me so many feels lol.)
What drama is it you ask well, My Happy Home! I have to admit the drama was a bit all over the place and had me confused a majority of the time but I couldn't give up on it for some reason because of Mama Shin's burdening indecisiveness. Well his character's indecisiveness. But that aside, Mama Shin is a really awesome guy with an even greater talent for music. Mama Shin is currently in the musical Chess with 2AM's Jo Kwon, SHINee's Key, B1A4's CNU, and VIXX's Ken.
Be sure to check it out if by some miracle you are in South Korea while it is still running and he is the lead actor of that night. Also be sure to check out his mv for his song SeoShi. It's a really beautiful song.

Yoon Si Yoon

Here we have flower boy Yoon Si Yoon.
Yes the ultimate flower boy Yoon Si Yoon is one of my many biases.
I first met this charming man-boy in Flower Boy Next Door where I was tortured by all of his characters antics and eccentric personality. Then I went back in time and fell even more into feels with Me Too, Flower. This drama showed Yoon Si Yoon in a tortured sort of way, making him out to be a selfless person not interested in the greed of the world but instead in making sure his friend Park Hwa Young played by Han Go Eun has a safe life with her child.

*Que the awwww*!!!!!

Also did you know that I would add an mv of oppa singing? I bet you didn't think I would (you probably did though).

Well guess what, here is 잠이깨면 (Fall Asleep When He Wakes Up). Also would you believe that this beautiful song is part of an endorsement ad for KTF Ever's mobile phone? I didn't either and I don't believe it still lol.

Park Hae Jin

So, have you guys ever heard of this variety show: Family Outing? If you have you know that Park Hae Jin goes simultaneously or hand in hand with the name Delicate Boy. While Hae Jin oppa may not look so delicate now in more current dramas such as, Bad Boy, I don't think he will ever live down the title with me. #foreverdelicate #lotsoflove
Even in his drama You Who Comes From The Stars I had a whole bunch of feels for the idiotic love-sick puppy thing he had going on. (Which, again made me think delicate. I mean personality was really delicate.) I mean how could he be so naively in love with some one that didn't have any feels for him. That always had me for a loop but as sad as it is, people in love never seem to notice when their love isn't really reciprocated.
But in all honesty Hae Jin oppa is such a cool guy. Please check him out in any new dramas or bask in the many faces of Hae Jin oppa from previous dramas.

Park Min Woo

I first met Park Min Woo in Flower Boy Ramen Shop as the ever lovable idiot Ba Wool. Then Min Woo oppa got the chance to be apart of the variety show Roommate although he didn't air often.
As as an actor, Min Woo oppa has been through so much and even more. It is always hard get to your dreams but Min Woo oppa finally made it and with that he has my unconditional support and a spot on my bias list. But Min Woo, being the strong caring person that he is gives me a whole bunch of feels compared to his characters.
With all that oppa has been through, he has thankfully appeared in many more dramas with a more recent one being Modern Farmer.

Isn't he just a cutie with those dimples of his?

Anywho, please show my dimpled-face cutie a whole bunch of love!!!

Kim Bum

Let me introduce you to the man that made watching even a third of BOF bearable for me (the rest was encompassed in my second-lead syndrome for Kim Hyun Joong).
Yes, Kim Bum is every bit of the man I wish I could have in my life plus more. Of course, I love this actor because he exudes a charm that makes his transformation into character so much more believable. Among the list of fav character portrayals I have to include the ever so popular series Unstoppable High Kick, High Kick Through the Roof and That Winter, The Wind Blows. Hidden Identity gathers a whole list of different feels from me since oppa looks so fit and manly and has lost quite a bit of weight.

(Note: No matter how much I love my fav actors, I hate seeing them undergo such drastic change to embody a role but that unfortunately comes with the job requirement.)

FYI I also found a fanmade video on YouTube of his song Day Break off the album Home Town. ^^

Jung Il Woo

Lol I don't know how I would live without this man. I first met Il Woo oppa, ironically, the same time I met newby actor Min Woo oppa. Flower Boy Ramen Shop was just packed to the max with pretty flower boys with ridiculous personalities and an equal amount of annoying charm. I mean who wouldn't feel sorry for but secretly wish they had half the struggles of the leading lady Lee Chung Ah.
Then there was 49 Days, which had me in disbelief throughout the whole drama. I mean seriously, as secrets were revealed and true natures leaked out, I didn't even know what to do with myself. For me 49 Days was a milder version of My Happy Home.......but it was still a torturous drama that gave me all the necessary feels.
On a more brighter note there was also Unstoppable High Kick, which ironically starred Kim Bum oppa as well ^^.

Also there is a video of him singing....>.> (I had to add one though =p)

Jo In Sung

What What!!!!!! It's your boy In Sung. The tall and sexy guy that I love to stare at and end up having to rewatch the episode cuz I didn't pay attention to anything that was said if he was in the scene.
Lol, but on a more serious note, I love Jo In Sung. I first met this charming man in That Winter, The Wind Blows and fell in love with the sweet character he played and then the rude thieving guy that he also portrayed. (If you don't get the reference watch the drama >no spoilers here<).
But then oppa so skillfully played Jang Jae Yeol in It's Okay, That's Love with the most confusing and secretive back story I had seen in awhile. Honestly, all of the mans info was basically out in the open but because his character didn't really confess to anything it was a total brain scratcher. And then there was his so called friend that sold him out for some girl. This drama had all the works going for it. (Also the cute Kyungsoo D.O from EXO was in this drama being a total puppy with those large eye of his.)
I also really love In Sung oppa for his cameo appearances in variety shows. i.e. Running Man and 1 Night 2 Days. The time he slapped Kwangsoo oppa for everyone was totally hilarious LOL.

Also because I had to there are 2 videos of oppa singing!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Cha Seung Won

So who doesn't love this manly hot mess. Emphasis on HOT MESS!
Lol I mean, come on, his whole eccentric act in The Greatest Love and then there was the mysterious lone wolf type thing he had going on for You're Surrounded (starring Lee Seunggi oppa of course). Seung Won oppa has it going on especially since he started off his career as a model. (WHOOP WHOOP PARTY OF HERE!!!!!)
Anywho, Dokko Jin was like the best and most outstanding character for me. I have thus kept in touch with the man that portrayed him.
Yup, if you haven't guessed it, The Greatest Love was my first look into the amazing Cha Seung Won.

So Ji Sub

Well would ya look at that! From Cha Seung Won to So Ji Sub. I went from to the next just like Gong Hyo Jin 언니.
Lol seriously though, my So Ji Sub moment happened in Master's Sun. I truly love that drama and Joo Joong Won. I think his character's growth was the best for me out of the whole drama but I will give my dues to Gong Hyo Jin's character for her growth as well. All though it ended with a very typical "I need to spend some time away from you to really find/discover myself".

Kim Woo Bin

So I first met this dreamy eyed hottie in A Gentleman's Dignity. Then I met him again in School 2013 with his best friend Lee Jong Suk. Then yet again in Heirs, where I suffered through Lee Min Ho's ridiculous sweaters to find out if poor Young Do finally found peace with himself and everyone else around him. (No seriously, I only finished this series for him.)
Of course after those dramas I had to go back to the Drama specials that Woo Bin oppa had previously done. And I have to tell you that from the Drama Special White Christmas to the comedy Vampire Idol, I don't know if I should worry or die of laughter. Honestly all of the suspense in White Christmas had me worried and wondering what was going to happen next every episode. I was sitting on the edge of my seat (if I was already curled up in bed lol). Then I stumbled upon Vampire Idol and it was hilarious. That drama was so hilarious! Seriously though you should watch it. I think you can find it on

FYI Kim Woo Bin's birth name is Kim Hyun Joong so don't get too confused when you see a pic of Kim Hyun Joong from BOF or Playful Kiss or Inspiring Generation (which ever drama you remember him from).

Oh yeah if your wondering which drama character is my fav, it is hands down Young Do. I got sooooooo many feels from Young Do that it is ridiculous.


The last of the two idol-actors on my list, B1A4 Baro. Sunwoo (his real name), first stepped on to the scene with the highly acclaimed drama Reply 1994. His character Binggeure was an instant first love. Then Ki Young Gyu in God's Gift-14 Days. (I still don't understand why it was written that his uncle had to die to save the girl but okay.) Of course there is Sunwoo's latest drama Angry Mom where Sunwoo portrays Hong Sang Tae.
If you want to know which is my favorite character, I would have to say Binggeure.I related to his character's shy, quiet personality so much. But he played a mentally ill character so well!
And here is a list of all the actors that had to fight to get on my list:
Eric Mun, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Hyun Bin, Won Bin, Jang Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Dong Gyun, Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, Choi Min Sik, Bae Yong Joon, Joo Sang Wook, Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Hyun Woo, Yeo Jin Goo, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ok Taecyeon, Lee Dong Wook, Choi Jin Hyuk, Rain, Yoo Ah In, Uhm Tae Woong, Kang Ha Neul, JYJ Yoochun/Jaejoong/Junsu, Ahn Gil Kang, Ahn Jae Hyun, Bae Soo Bin, Hong Jong Hyun, Daniel Henney, Infinite Hoya/L, Jang Dong Gun, CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Min Ki, Lee Joon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Seo In Guk, Sung Dong Il, Sung Joon
I'm sorry you fine gentlemen but I had to cut you out of the post ㅠ.ㅠ

FYI I do not own any of these pics or videos

coffee prince Haha I said it cause the first pick @stevieq
I live this drama
AMAZING. Truely a great and such a well thought out card!! I love all of these actors so much!! (´∀`*)
OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS??? So Ji Sub and Kim Woo Bin <3<3<3
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