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Now I'll admit I don't do sun....I just don't. I slather on sunscreen if I hafta go outside at all. I'm more of a fall/winter girl myself. That said these tracks got me enjoying summer anyway. Because some days you just wanna keep it sweet and stay in that groove. Hope y'all enjoy 。^‿^。
PRIMARY FT BSK, GAEKO__SEE YOU A song about being stupidly in love.....it's so catchy!! And just feel-good....which is messed up because real talk I don't wanna feel good if I'm being played ˇ▂ˇ
SOYOU X JUNGGIGO FT LIL BOY__SOME @aabxo has great taste....haha this song came back from the dead in my music library when I was YouTubing Lil Boi.....(I'm thinking he might be one to watch on SMTM 4....in my opinion) This song is so cute and such an earworm.
BIGBANG__WE LIKE TO PARTY Well..... DUHHH Lol of course this was gonna be on here.
GIRIBOY FT SWINGS__SKIT I love this song....I love the sweet melody but the song itself is about kicking your boo thang to the curb (´ヮ`) "You're skit, skit, skit.... Now skip, skip, skip" Gotta love Giriboy's style.
JAY PARK__JOAH Sing along....y'all know you want to.
GRAY FT LOCO__JUST DO IT No secret I'm AOMG biased. And Gray is bae.
SHINEE__VIEW Why the dance version of the MV? Why not? (´ヮ`)
CRUSH FT ZICO__OASIS The more I watch this MV.....the more I get the urge to steal his shoes....ghetto much?
GAIN FT JAY PARK__APPLE I think the song is short on purpose.....to leave you wanting more.
SAN E FT BAEK YERIN__ME YOU San E.....he knows what works and this collaboration did not disappoint. Catchy and cute...... Whyyyy (┳Д┳) Lol jk I love it.
TROY__GREEN LIGHT TOADal jam.....they need to have a comeback and soon!
So this was my Summer Sweet (but not too sweet) Playlist. This is about as sugary as Mama gets (´ヮ`) Hope you enjoyed. @MattK95 @aabxo
I am the same with summer! Waiting for it to be over XD Your playlist is full of sexiness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@PassTheSuga Won't lie, I'm quite proud of myself ^^
@MattK95 ( の •̀ ∀-)و haha my fanman buddy doesn't skip a beat! That's exactly what I was referring too (´ヮ`)
@PassTheSuga????... Oh I think I know what your talking about now XD
@MattK95 Spank you very much!!! I'm glad you liked it. This playlist is pretty much on replay for me Lol and I got the idea to add "Me, You" from you actually 。^‿^。
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