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these are all the albums I own .. I love them all, but I stopped buying because i need to pay bills and save money :'(
If you ever lose interest in kpop and are looking to donate, you know where to find me.. ;D
@Tragons1312 haha lol A BTS sweater with Jungkooks name on it? ...,I'll have to add that to my to buy list ^^ @EdwinBermudez 2NE1 socks!!! I'll also have to add that on my to buy list~ :D
omg I need me some kpop clothes lol ... I only have 2ne1 socks and a GD shirt @Tragons1312 @jiggzy19
@Tragons1312 awww that is super sweet of your Dad to sew it for you :) @EdwinBermudez ugh that sucks :/ never bought another one? I haven't had a backpack but I have BTS converse.... But I want a backpack now T.T lol Hahaha the list of merchandise I want is extreme XD
I have a EXO backpack but i had so much stuff in it all the time that one day one of the straps broke, then my dad sewed it. But then it got a whole in the bottom and my dad sewed that too. And the my sister closed the car door on it once and ripped part of the leather strap in front off. And that's why i need a new one.
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