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I'm sure, like many, you know the common, most popular flower names for weddings. But what about those other flowers that seem to be making the popularity list for flowers that you know in your head, yet just can't remember the names? That's what this card aims to do--get you to link the names with the flowers. In this case, the flowers are among the blue spectrum.
What you see here is called BLUE THISTLE. Despite its name and the way it looks, the popular choice for boutonnieres is soft to the touch.
DELPHINIUM comes in a range of hues, but the name of this one often eludes even the best of us. It's got slender vertical stems with larger buds toward the base and smaller at the top. Typically, the darker are also toward the bottom with the lightest at the top. One of the hallmarks to the delphinium is how the buds appear to be hanging on by an eyelash, which is rare among flowers.
Besides the hydrangea, TWEEDIA is the only other known blooming flower that comes in that unmistakable "sky blue" color. It also comes in other shades of blue and white.
Sometimes referred to as hyacinth, MUSCARI is definitely not hyacinth. The flower is actually an amalgamation of dozens of tightly packed buds grouped together at the tops of stems. This comes in a range of colors also.
Don't fret that this card is so short. This is just an intro. Many more flowers to come along these lines and in different shades, so stay tuned. For other flowers that I have discussed in depth, click here.