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Have you ever broke your phone and lost everything that was on it and t-mobile couldn't get anything from it to transfer to the new phone? Well, i have and it was horrible.
I, like a horrible child, sit in my room for hours on my phone watching dramas, scrolling down Facebook, watching Youtube and all that jazz but, i decided that it was a good idea to throw my phone at the wall when i was mad.
After throwing it at the wall numerous times, the screen started to not work in some spots. So there were letters i couldn't type and games i couldn't play. But, me still being an idiot threw it at the wall one last time.
And the screen popped off. But, not completely just in the top right corner. I pushed it back in to desperately fix it in the hopes it still worked. But i couldn't even slide the screen to type in my password.
I cried for hours. But, i knew i could just download everything on my new phone because all of that data was backed up. I cried because of the 2,600 photos of my Korean and Japanese men that could not be retrieved. I was depressed for a bit after that. But, when i got my new phone i just set it up so that my phone was synced with my mom's and her ipad so if my phone breaks then i have a way to retrieve my photos. Now there are asian men everywhere!!!!!!! I don't have all of the photos that i used to but, they are good photos.
Man, that's kind of what they sayed to me!!! And it seemed like they didn't really try to get my pictures from the broken one to the new one.
actually my phone accidentally locked on the finger print mode and locked me out completely and when I was getting it unlocked tmobile couldn't transfer anything and they had the nerve to say, "well before we reset, can she back up her stuff?" Just thought I would share sorry this is so long. :(
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