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One thing that I love as much as Kpop is K-hip hop, RnB & Rap (all count as one to me) What many favors has this wonderful individual done for me. Towards the end of my first year of college, this handsome and talented man helped me! Whether i was driving to school, driving back home from school late at night, walking around campus to my classes, doing homework/studying or falling asleep, he was there! His music is just calming and his voice is one of a kind
Can't forget his unique style.
And that appearance he made on Oasis by Crush ft. Zico killed me!! Seriously, my feels were all over the place!! I feel you Crush, i feel you.. This song was GOOD btw (had it on replay yest.) , definitely take a listen!! I really like Crush & Zico too
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my Zion T. feels are now all over the place, thanks. ^-^ he needs to marry me.
@yehet27 yes I am I'm so excited!!! I'm so hype to see everyone! Especially him with Got7, block b and suju!!
@Daebaknae Was this your first time hearing about Zion T.?(: Either way I'm glad you love him too!! Can't contain those feels either XD @CristelaLoz IKR!?! I really can't say which is my favorite, because they are all super amazing in their own way!! 馃槏 Also looking forward to the groups that have comebacks!! 馃槂
@yehet27 lord no, lol I've been a fangirl over him for a while now, since before "Babay" I think. he's so handsome.... lol and I love his voice...
@yehet27 AGREED! Lol ^o^ and I know!! Everyone's comebacks this year are AMAZING so far!