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You just moved to Korea and transfer to this new school and this is your senior year. You have your dark secret that you don’t want to share but you don’t have a choice. In school you meet six guys that go to same class as you but few of them in lower grades, six handsome guys, each unique their own way but they are gang and want you to be in it. Will they find out your secret? How will they react? Which one will you choose? Who will be your lover?
Bang Yongguk – Mysterious with deep voice and Brave leader
Kim Himchan – Bad boy that can make girls scream and Honest.
Jung Daehyun – Sweetheart, a Gentleman, melts your heart.
Yoo Youngjae – Sweet and Smart but you have to watch your back.
Moon Jongup – Quiet and little shy but his body that makes you go crazy.
Choi Junhong – Cute, Sweet, Shy boy or is he?
Mila (you) - newbie, girl with a secret, brave and dangerous
Hailee (your cousin, her name is Hai Lee it sounds just like American name Hailey) - loud and not so smart sometimes but brave and get things done
Shy (Arabian girl) – Girl who causes problems, quite but really sneaky
Sony (Taiwanese girl) – fresh and trying to stay away from others
You moved to live with grandfather, your parents tired of your attitude, they couldn’t handle you anymore, but you promised that you will change. Your grandfather got remarried. You never liked your step grandmother but you did get along with her son (now your uncle) and his daughter (your cousin). She is in same class as you are. You and your cousin like each other, but it was only because you lived far away but not anymore, she never knew why you moved to Korea.