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SHE DIED, woke up wid this badnews :'( N she left us wid a questn as to how long we'll let our daughters n sisters continue to sacrifice their lives just to make our country peaceful n secure by waking up d citizens of dis country...n force our govt to make strict n effective laws?? and how long we'll tolerate such evils?????? she died coz of multi-organ failure but dnt u think dat our society is also suffering wid d same????? when will all dis nonsense comes to an end?? R.I.P!!! :'(
@YinofYang thnxzzzz unnie evn tho im gttn angry by readn ur guys cmmnts on da rapist...
@relinashinee Are you sure you want to know, dongseng? It's tragic and it made us so angry. Here, hold on, here's the link for the story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Delhi_gang_rape_case
OMG!!! What happened???
I followed the news all week and I was up late at night when I read that she had died. I was so heartbroken. I did not know her, but as a woman, as a human, I grieved. Yes, it takes two people to make a baby, but the woman is the one who carries the baby and nurtures it. Men act like women are useless and have no place in the world. I hope that the protests turns into more activism. Would it surprise the government if people become vigilantes? I would not be surprised. They have to be able to protect themselves somehow.
it was not a sacrifice.. it was a brutal and heinous act..she didnt want to die..she didnt want to be raped.. i'm scared.. and disgusted.. we aren't safe.. and our voice will not bring her back.. but i just pray they're no more Daminis!! P.S. great that you brought this up. hope you don't mind..but tag this card to social issues and india