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I Love Pixie Haircuts !!!! What About You??
Hehehe that's what I did!!! I didn't shaved my haur at all heheh but if you cut your hair similar to it I would like to see it 馃槃 @jlee37
I know !! much easier heehh!!! 馃槃馃槃
Oh I know! And just that little bit of time and BAM! Hottie! Lol
@jlee37 Hehehe mine takes years too, and thars why I cut it again because I was getting Soooo lazy to do my hair hehehhe and now, EASY!! Some gel and boom !!! done !!! that's why I love short hair Heheheh 馃槀馃槃馃槄
I will show you for sure! I grew my hair out which took! Then what do I do? I put it in a bun...every day. The whole point of me growing it out was so I could do all kinds of cute stuff to it. Ummmm yeah and hardly ever!
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