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@justmeplz1998 im positively 100% not going to disagree. I think if anything happened we would still make sure we get there with "our" things and not get caught, so like "goodbye loser nit going to see for a whole unless u got anything precious for us to steal. so til then losers" *peace*
I'm no athlete but I would become a Bonafide ninja to get them. shoo I'd be put down in history for getting away with the most smooth robbing ever. They'll never get me lol
I'm exaggerating but oh well we're allowed to do that, are we not?? but I wasn't joking bout Robing that place. in this kinda of conversation I don't think there is just a thing as joking
@justmeplz Haha that why we rob the place the make them. we going to be fan ninjas!!!
"a shoe?? glasses?? PANTS??? somthing I couldn't have gone there and came out with non!!!!!"
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