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I'm no athlete but I would become a Bonafide ninja to get them. shoo I'd be put down in history for getting away with the most smooth robbing ever. They'll never get me lol
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@justmeplz1998 im positively 100% not going to disagree. I think if anything happened we would still make sure we get there with "our" things and not get caught, so like "goodbye loser nit going to see for a whole unless u got anything precious for us to steal. so til then losers" *peace*
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Lol so true and it'll all be totally worth it even if I end up going to prison for it
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@justmeplz going to prison "can I at least have the jacket he's waring??"
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"a shoe?? glasses?? PANTS??? somthing I couldn't have gone there and came out with non!!!!!"
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