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In a shameful incident in India, a 23 year old was gang raped and assaulted by 6 men in a bus in the national capital, his friend beaten and both were thrown out of the moving bus. the incident shook the nation as people took the streets protesting and demanding justice. today the girl died due to multiple organ failure. i wanted to share this story with my fellow vinglers, as it has not let me sleep for days and still makes me shudder. it's not just about crime and punishment, it's about our safety. she will not come back now, but what the world needs to pledge is not to let it happen again. because Rapists are not terrorists or some maniac that gun down people. they are not armed, nor can they be detected. they are one of the many faces in the crowd who let their lust and desire get the better of them Raise your voice and extend your prayers so that we can bring about a change. create a society where women are not looked down upon or passed remarks. don't blame a girl for what she wears or if she works late hours. don't think of her as a burden. don't think of her as an object. treat her as a human. treat her like you'd like your own mother, wife and daughter to be treated. Teach your sons to respect women. be a man and not an animal. hanging them to death will only bring justice to Damini. to make sure that no more girl has to share the same fate as damini, respect women and let them breathe the same air as you do with no fear. wake up!! image cr:
same here!! at an age when i should eb going out.. having fun.. i restrict myself .. and hope some day.. may be some day... i'd have control of my life
You're right, @neaa It would be wrong to blame all men, but I myself, find it hard to trust men. I get nervous around men I don't know. It's a shame, but I think such violent acts perpetrated all over the world like this adds to our fears. Yes, me too! I will also keep hoping.
i don't know at times.. we can't blame all men for the sins of few.. but somehow such incidents make it hard to trust men.. hope in time to come.. the society improves!
I've been keeping up with all the news and read some various articles. I really do hope and hope that the momentum keeps pushing forward. I agree, it's definitely going to take education and time for the attitudes to change, especially when they're so deeply entrenched. I can only hope that this begins now and I'm glad that people have reacted as much as they have. Yes, men definitely need to be worthy of being called men (you're so right).
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