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Mino from winner. I'm very disappointed.

No this isn't a joke. I am posting this because I hope KPop community to be a place not only for us to fangirl over our stars, but also a place where we learn more about them. On friday, Minho was on the Mnet show "Show Me the Money 4" and has caused controversy by rapping "girls spread them legs like in maternity (ob/gyn) " I admit it's not the best translation, but it's still reliable. You don't see the problem? First, it's degrading women, specifically his fans. He's saying that because his fans like him so much they are willing to sell their bodies. second, he is comparing maternity, the process of pregnancy and birth of a life, as a mere scene of porno. No, this is not an "artistic expression". And If you say this is just the way hiphop culture is, then I refuse to accept it as a "culture" . how could I when it lacks value, moral and ethics. + I will delete this card only when Mino officially admits his fault and apologizes.
It's just a song? People need to lighten up, I doubt his intention was to offend people. I mean, you can find worse lyrics in US hip hop... "Your mother went through maternity to have you. she endured all the pain and sufferings for you, and this is the way you pay her back?" My opinion is this sentence shouldn't have even been typed out, It's offensive and like a diss to Mino. Once again, his intention wasn't to offend anyone, and chances are he's gonna apologize later. calm the heck down.....
@shjej5835 Do you personally know Mino? Did he tell you that he sang that verse to offend women? No, highly doubt that. Stop acting like your so high and mighty and clever saying that Mino is a bad person for singing a bad verse. I still stand by my opinion that not only that one sentence, but this whole post is pointless. Yes we all have our own opinions, but that does not give you a right to diss a good man for ONE bad act. yes I am sticking up for Mino cause like I said, people need to calm down. Get off your high horse and realize sometimes people and yes, even celebrities make mistakes. That's what being human is all about.
This picture of him can we all agree that he is just freaking hot! I don't agree with the lyrics but he is still young and has alot to learn. I think it was wrong but he'll grow and he will learn. These lyrics seem more American style wrap. I truly hope that's not where he got the idea. He isn't exactly wrong though. Alot of fans joke that they want to have there baises baby and what not. Plus alot of women would want to sleep with him since he is famous. Which is sad that some fans won't look past that fact. I hope he realizes things and tries to take things into account before sharing something such as this with the world. I'll still listen to his music. We can't always like and agree with what comes out of singers/rappers mouth. They're human let's not forget that.
@DannyNeders an Action can still be "thoughtless" while the Person may be "good". I am not defining mino as a person but his action. you should recognize the difference. And once again, my opinion is that He was unnecessary in using that certain analogy to brag about himself and thus was rude to his fans and women.
@DannyNeders Korea is not as open to sexual implications as America is. And existence of worse things does not pardon him. An analogy would be saying: people murder and rape so who cares if people steal and bully. And apologizing also does not make anything better. You claim thay sentence was offensive and a diss to mino so it shouldnt have been typed out. what about his rap? it was incredibly offensive to women and his fans. shouldnt you say He shouldnt have said it in the first place either? Your comment has so much hypocrisy, I can't believe you wrote that in his defense.
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