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Girls' Generation is back! And while "Party" is a very catchy song, for me it's kind of just...meh. I want to like this group. I should like this group. Everyone likes this group. *stress*

What do you guys think about the group and their latest song? I welcome all feedback on my video in the comments :)
ps: SNSD fans don't kill me kthnxbai

I'm not hating, but I totally agree, I'm not an SNSD fan, and it's not because I haven't tried, I just can't get into the group or their music, this was my least favourite Summer Comeback so far, it just feels too generic for me, that being said they all look totally fine, and Sunny's red hair is absolutely amazing!!!
i am not a crazy GG fan either bit I can't ignore the fact that their songs are hell yeah catchy and I happen to like it and music doesn't always need to have a meaning to me music can be about fun and all looking at it that way i do like that song and their other songs as well no need for putting your expectations high just enjoy the fun in it hehes ;) <3 it is a fun track for summer thgh .:)
@MattK95 Generic is a good word to describe it. I want them to do more with their talent.
Yeah I don't like SNSD either. I tried to get into their music but yeah....just couldn't. I didn't even watch their latest song. As you said there is something missing and I just don't enjoy their music... like at all.... But to each their own :)
@DancingPartyTme I couldn't agree more, they are very talented, it just feels a little wasted to me :/