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Hi guys~ I missed yesterdays post because I injured my forearms. Like I seriously couldn't text or even pick up eating utensils without struggling. It still hurts right now but hot/ice patches are life savors. ANYWAYS, for the next 3 days I'm going to describe what I thought of the "MADE" series so far. Let's begin with "M" unit; "Bae Bae" & "Loser" Honestly this is my favorite unit so far. I love all their songs so far but it was the excitement I felt after waiting so long that these singles just hit the spot ya know? Actually when "Loser" came out I was going through a recent breakup and that morning when I realized BB cameback I watched the MV. After I finished watching the MV, I was in tears. I can somewhat understand Korean and make out some of the sentences and I felt like the members where going through hardships with me. It was such a relief. I can't really explain the emotion I felt but it was a perfect escape. Even now I still choke up whenever I hear the song, especially when its Taeyang's part at the end. The MV replays in my mind and UGH. I'M GETTING EMOTIONAL AGAIN. I'M GOING TO MOVE ON. After watching "Loser", I watched "Bae Bae." Now "Bae Bae" was something else. After I watched the MV, I had to think of everything that happened and tried to process things because I really had no idea what just happened. At first I wasn't a big fan of the song but its one of those songs that when you listen to them they just become amazing to your ears. Currently I'm trying to make choreography to this song so I hope I can release it within the month. I enjoy the song now. Its honestly a most played song on my phone. So thats what I thought of "M" unit. I would love to hear what you guya thought of the "M" unit. Good night! ~