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I usual listen to this one playlist on my phone that I made before going to sleep, because it calmes me down. But my playlist just made me sad. I wasn't paying attention to my music and was on my phone... Then I realize that I'm listening to If You (by BIGBANG). Here's the songs in my playlist (Warning: all of the School 2015 kdrama OSTs are listed ): 1. Blue (BIGBANG) 2. Piano cover of Crooked (GD) 3. If You (BIGBANG) 4. Love Song (Yook Sungjae School 2015 OST) 5. That XX (GD) 6. That Name (Jonghyun and Taemin School 2015 OST) 7. Pray (Younha School 2015 OST) 8. I'll Listen to What You Have to Say (Yoon Mi Rae School 2015 OST) 9. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang) Wow, you can tell my fave kdrama and kpop group just by looking at this! Anyway, Goodnight everyone