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the fact that top has not only seen every member's.. member.. but has also taken note of their size and order.. I don't know if I'm alarmed or amused.
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1. Seungri 2. Daesung 3. Taeyang 4. GD 5. T.O.P laughed so hard! *gasping for air* lmao you are the best for putting this (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧
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there was one time where someone asked him make a statement, and this was his response: "My name is TOP, everything I do is TOP"
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this might be one of the greatest big bang discoveries. HAHA
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@PriscilaNunez TOP was supposed to rank the members on height but instead he ranked the members on the sizes of their u - know-what lol.
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