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Sorry, this is gonna be long but please bare with me! I hope you guys feel the same way as I do. I dont even know if I should be offended right now. I mean, just look at SUJU's ad compared to the others. Seriously? (sorry F(x) fans and SHAWOLs, idk why there's no ads for yalls) Even INFINITE they promoted larger! (sorry INSPIRITS! I love you guys!) and INFINITE isn't even part of SM ("technically" they are). I'm so done with SM. They're so irresponsible and doesn't even take care of our boys (and girls) correctly. SUJU is the most uncared for boy group in SM. And they never inform the Korean ELFs of anything! You know when there's fanmeetings or radio talk shows, or even promotions and guerilla concerts SM does not inform the Korean ELFs. What do they take us fans (Korean and international fans) and the idols who hard work for? Money? Yes, probably. Money, money, money that's all SM wants. Also, you guys do know SM "accidentally" released all 5 teasers at once right? They then went "Oops, you know what, let's just release the second version of the teasers! Maybe ELFs wont figure it out. This will save us some time." Well, whoops, we did. Now we're gonna have to repeat the same teaser over and over again. Like wtf SM! ASDFGHJKL! Well, there's also a rumor going around that it was SM C&C who released all of INFINITE's songs onto Spotify. And that's how others got a hold of it and spreaded it around onto Youtube and such. Also, there was only 2 days left!!!! If this is true, I'm going to hate SM even more. I'm a huge ELF, SHAWOL, EXO L, & INSPIRIT and this shit is bull. But on the good new, I heard SUJU got some good producers for their song DEVIL...
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I agree this is why I like YG better. At least they look out for their members and help them out as far as we know and hope. SM just gets me frustrated no wonder why they get do many law suits. They work their idols to the bone and even more to the point where their bodies are breaking down and they don't give them enough.