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They make the dark side of you come out ^-^
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When my friends call me to go out and I'm watching K-drama, I tell them I'm busy...
@ShaTin couple yrs ago when my friend called me I would only have to say "I'm busy" and her answer would be "watching movies again??" haha
@veselovskayavic my male friends don't like it when I'm fangirling Kim Jaejoong, Lee Minho, Kim Soo Hyun, Ji Chang Wook, Kim Woobin and more. I get into an argument with them. I say their manly and they say 'ani'. Aww so annoying...
@ShaTin be like "wat jealous ur not as good looking as them??"
man I hate that expecially we watching a really good one you be so into it and mom be like "Neicy"