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how other fans be like
lol -- we aint gonna kill, we dont waste missions
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@ErinGregory I don't like adulting. How do I adult? Do I have to adult? Don't make me adult!
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@MeepDeadmen, that is me everyday lmfao I don't wanna adult! Adulting was a terrible decision, it looked so fun but it's a trap, this sucks! I never have money, I have to make my own phone calls, I can't blame my bad decisions on the ignorance of youth, I have to cook dinner for myself, apparently cake doesn't count as dinner. 馃槶馃槶 hahahahahaha
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@ErinGregory I'm just not meant to adult at all
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@MeepDeadmen, neither am I hahahaha I'm especially bad at it since I'm so antisocial lol apparently adults are supposed to leave their house every so often, who knew.
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@ErinGregory I know right I'm too comfy in my chair and it's so hot and humid outside. Also there are people out there. I don't wanna go outside
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