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We already knew that season 2 of Agent Carter would take place in California (instead of New York), but details about the shift to the west coast have been scarce. Now we know: season 2 will feature a storyline inspired by the real-life events of the Black Dahlia murder.
The new season, we were told, opens in 1947, about six months after the first season finale. We see that not everyone at the Strategic Scientific Reserve is still in New York, and certain other people aren’t on speaking terms anymore. But before this can all be resolved, Peggy is called to Los Angeles to solve a murder. The showrunners noted that the grisly Black Dahlia murder, in which aspiring starlet Elizabeth Short was found mutilated in Leimert Park, Los Angeles, took place in 1947, and they wanted to capture both the culture of 1940s Hollywood and the film noir genre.
We'll still see familiar faces: Howard Stark and Jarvis will be in Beverly Hills. Stark has apparently opened up a film studio. Does that mean he's out of the spy business, or will Peggy bring him back in?
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Elizabeth Short was murdered in January 1947, and hers is one of the oldest unsolved cases in Los Angeles. Her gruesome death was highly publicized. The Marvel universe often incorporates real-world events into their stories, and this is an interesting choice for Agent Carter. Will the murder tie into Peggy's investigation of Leviathan? Or will her investigation further alienate her from the SSR?
The showrunners also teased about Peggy's potential romantic prospects.
Now that Peggy has put Steve Rogers’ memory—and blood—to rest, she’ll be exploring some possible romances. In fact, she’ll have “a couple of opportunities” in the romance department.
We know from the films that Peggy eventually started a family (as well as the spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D.), but we never got specific details. All we know is that her husband was one of the soldiers that Steve Rogers rescued during the war.

At this point, I'm still overwhelmed with joy because we're getting a season 2. All these details are icing on the cake!

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