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Sometimes we go a little too hard during the week, and it's necessary to take a rest. These funny lite birds from the Central Park zoo get that too. Here's your weekend in. All Photos by Tess Stevens for Vingle

When you get home on Friday and you're deciding whether you want to go out or not.

You pour yourself a drink and consider your options for a moment.

You call up your friends and make a plan to get dinner, seems simple and easy.

And you get all dolled up, and ready to go...

And you start to leave, but something pulls you back.

You think that you may have forgotten something.

So you're searching around, and your friend shows up and is like "let's go."

But then you both are like "eh, we could order in...and watch Netflix."

So you just stay in, because going out is overrated anyway.

This card was made for me!
I know this one real well. And more often, it becomes staying at home and having a blast doing different things.
get your Ass out there and live..for God sake. your young and gorgeous...