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Can you Guess correctly Who these two handsome bae is? lol
Here is my two other bae! LMFAO!! In kdrama land...theses no such thing as having only one bae... too many bae to choose so why not love ❤ all?? LMAO!! who agree? Aha BTW.. sorry if the quality is bad...I just took a quick picture of them two while watching the drama...heheh
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I'm pretty sure the one on the right is lee hyun woo but I haven't watched this drama so I'm not quite sure who the one on the left is
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sorry my phone quality was bad that's why but yes that is Hyun Woo Oppa and the right side is baby Lee Jun Ki Oppa😄💋 lol. you should definitely check it out! Go watch it... I don't wanna end up spoiling it to you. lol.
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