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In an alternate modern-day reality, Korea is ruled by a monarchy that struggles to maintain its strength and relevance in today’s society. But when the reigning King falls ill, the royal family scrambles to prepare Crown Prince Lee Shin (Ju Ji Hoon) for marriage and possible succession in order to bolster the public image of the Royal Family. Although the Crown Prince was in love with Min Hyo Rin (Song Ji Hyo), who chose her career as a ballerina over him, he agrees to marry a commoner, the awkward but sweet-spirited Shin Chae Kyung (Yoon Eun Hye), who attends the same exclusive art school. But things get complicated when Prince Lee Yul (Kim Jeong Hoon), Crown Prince Shin’s cousin, returns after spending 14 years in England and also falls in love with Chae Kyung. Will a series of scandals that erupt challenge the new couple’s intended relationship? -Copyrighted from
Personally this drama got me back into loving kdrama's. All together I loved the characters. The lead actress was funny, and lovable. Maybe some people could relate to her attitude such as I did. Moreover, I had major second lead syndrome in the beginning, but grew to love the main lead. From beginning to end I loved this drama. Did you guys like this drama as much as I did?