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First thing first. He's adorable. We all know that. He's fashionable, sexy, and a bundle of sunshine all in one.
At times I really wonder what goes through his mind. He's so determined to make every song the best it can be.
But in reality, sometimes he doesn't seem so happy. At these times I wish I could give him a cuddle.
He has said in an interview recently ( ) that he was very nervous about his enlistment and he doesn't want to lose his touch with his talents. I don't think he'll ever not be talented. Keep it up Oppa! Fighting~
Being an idol has its own set of problems, hopefully he's happy much more often than not. His fans will always be there to support him, especially during his enlistment. πŸ˜™πŸ™†πŸ’–
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Aww, he's so adorable! I think he'll be fine! :) VIPs will support him! :D
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