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I'm not a great fan of shots (not counting tequila haha), but if there is one I really like making it and drinking it as well is B-52. It's so fun to make and even funnier to drink. And that's how you do it: Take your shot glass and fill it 1/3 of cold Kahlua (coffee liquor), than take your table spoon and slowely layer down the Bailey's (Irish Cream liquor). And for the last layer, thera are so so so many options. Me, myself like using cointreau mixed with a bit of schnopps (so it will burn more). And when that's done, you just light up the drink, take you straw and sip it right till the end of the drink and the fire. Be careful, it's gonna be hot! Enjoy!
Cinnamon isn't my favorite, but I'd try it. Fireball sounds SCARY! hahaha @allischaaff @rodiziketan
@marshalledgar first you put in the straw and than someone else has to light it up for you, and than you quickly sip it. You do it so fast that a straw doesn't have time to melt haha :) @allischaaff yeah, really pretty and even better tasting.
will the straw melt? I gotta try this
From a sweet perspective, I love shots like Dirty Red Headed Slut. I discovered it about 8 years ago. loved it then. Love it now. But trying to expand it more. Have you seen this card on shots?
I made it myself and I have no special opinion about it. It's drinkable, but not very very good. @allischaaff
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