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And don't you just hated when this happens?
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@danidee you poor thing! lol
Sometimes we tell others to stop doing things because we weren't allowed to do them ourselves. When your Mom was a child, everything was so different compared to today. Children were to be seen but not heard. They played "quietly" inside and outside. I bet if she could, if she KNEW that it is OK to be silly, bouncy, goofy, she would be silly, bouncy, and goofy! I would ask her to sit down with you the next time she tells you to "behave" or to "stop that" and ask her what it was like for her growing up. Then tell her that it's ok to show the side of her she wasn't allowed to show when she was growing up. Keep it between you and her. It's your "secret" that only you and her know.
@jlee37 I will when I see her again. She always tells us stories about her past so I never hold those things against her because she had such a hard time... sigh
So did my Mom. It breaks my heart. :*(