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Staying up til morning watching kpop videos, kdramas, reading/writing fanfics, diligently working that you forget that paper due in a couple of hours or the fact that you have work in 20 minutes .. lol, anyone been there?
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yup x)
3 years agoReply
it's 4:30am rite now and I can't stop!! TT-TT
3 years agoReply
lol @BluBear07 -- I hope your eyes don't look like a panda's
3 years agoReply
@zaria36915 it works for Seungri....maybe if I try hard enough I can pull it off too! XD
3 years agoReply
hey! @BluBear07 ; if it works for him and u try but no bueno -- you can pretend you're cosplaying /role playing ;)
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