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The lengths I go to in order to stop my inner lawyer from making an appearance and starting a heated debate. #firstworldproblems It's always a struggle being someone who gets into a debate to defend an idol every time LOL.
FOR EXAMPLE.. If anyone watched SMTM4, you would understand when I say that YUP VERNON DID PRETTY BAD but HAHAHA ITS OKAY CAUSE THIS MIXTAPE IS 쩔어 (DOPE)!! I do not think that doing bad in a survival show equates to being a bad rapper, tbh. [And sorry, couldn't help the BTS reference xD.]
I WISH I COULD JUST DO THIS WHEN I SEE OTHER PEOPLE BEING RUDE ONLINE UGHH Like calm yourselves and keep the profanities and "not-nice comments" to yourself. D: In other words, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. But really. S.O.S. Someone teach me how to control my inner lawyer please, I'm in desperate need XDD
@justmeplz1998 ikr hahaha lay is the best ♡
Lol I love lay's expression in this. He always has the best expressions