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The lengths I go to in order to stop my inner lawyer from making an appearance and starting a heated debate. #firstworldproblems It's always a struggle being someone who gets into a debate to defend an idol every time LOL.
FOR EXAMPLE.. If anyone watched SMTM4, you would understand when I say that YUP VERNON DID PRETTY BAD but HAHAHA ITS OKAY CAUSE THIS MIXTAPE IS 쩔어 (DOPE)!! I do not think that doing bad in a survival show equates to being a bad rapper, tbh. [And sorry, couldn't help the BTS reference xD.]
I WISH I COULD JUST DO THIS WHEN I SEE OTHER PEOPLE BEING RUDE ONLINE UGHH Like calm yourselves and keep the profanities and "not-nice comments" to yourself. D: In other words, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. But really. S.O.S. Someone teach me how to control my inner lawyer please, I'm in desperate need XDD
Lol I love lay's expression in this. He always has the best expressions
@justmeplz1998 ikr hahaha lay is the best ♡