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YB, Sol, Taeyang, oppa.....What ever you want to call him, he has one sexiest set of abs in KPOP. Lord know there is some strong competition out there. I wont mention names, because Im sure you know already. Beyond the nice body he is an amazing artist. Rap, pop, R&B, just pick a genre and he can make it his own. I dont think there is a song of his that I do not like. Whats your favourite Taeyang song? P.S. : One reason he is so talented is because he was born in May. Oh and Im a May baby too. Taurus DO WORK! LOL
@Marilovexoxo I don't think he is capable of making a bad song
@k8wnba20 lol yeah its quite upsetting but honestly I love all taeyang songs
@Marilovexoxo I like to think that all ladies love wedding dress. It's a beautiful song. LOL the MV concept does leave you feeling a bit upset.
I love wedding dress i hate the video because the girl is an idiot but love the song