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Get cozy at home, or chill with friends and rock out to this summer-inspired rock and roll playlist.

1. Snap Out Of It / Arctic Monkeys

This breezy track has a beat that can get your head bobbing on even the laziest summer days.

2. Sticks and Stones / Babyshambles

This reggae inspired track blends the best of The Clash and the Pistols into a whirlwind of snapping lyrics and sweeping metaphors. Pete Doherty's songwriting is at it's height here, and creates a summer anthem that ends with some bite.

3. Halsey / New Americana

I just discovered this song, and it blows me away. It's a tried and true pop track with inspired and scathing lyrics, reminiscent of Lorde. It's a fearless song that acts as a melancholic call to action for doomed summer kids.

4. Alt-J Breezeblocks

This song is the perfect porch-sitting, beer-sipping song. It's beat has enough movement to keep the song interesting, but also doesn't hit you over the head with too much synth. It's a song that's easy to listen to, and it's space-y vibe creates some interesting atmosphere.

4. River Card / Atlas Sound

This is the kind of song you'd hear a hipster record store clerk play, but note, it's seriously summer in every way. Whether you're drinking with friends, or walking around in the summer heat with your headphones in, this song will serve you well on the weekend.

5. Cream on Chrome / Ratatat

This instrument heavy track is the perfect song to play while speeding down a highway. It's big and irridescent in the way an old disco groove is, but it also provides a tasteful amount of new wave synth and glam. It's a great summer jam to play during a party or get together, because there aren't a lot of confusing lyrics to get bogged down by.
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