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Hey everybody i just wanted to make a post about the big bang contest going on right now. Alot of people, including myself, are concerned that they dont have a chance at winning this contest. But thats not what should be going through our minds.
We should be focusing on trying our best to win, and giving it our all. We should be posting random and crazy things to show our love so that we know that we are doing our best to reach the top (pun intended xD). I have realized this myself and thats why i am making this post, to help those who are discouraged get out of thier rut and join in the fun.
Now we all know the truth about this contest............ only one can win
BUT we still need to try no matter what! Thats the fun part about all this. I would never have posted one single thing on vingle if it wasnt for the push given to me from this contest. We should enjoy the hype and keep fighting for the tickets with all we got
Im sorry if this was SUPER MEGA CORNY, but i just wanted everyone involved in this to know that they arent alone. It is not easy to win this contest, we just gotta keep our hopes up, and fight hard . GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
FIGHTING!!!!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘ *i do not own these beautiful gifs*
thank you for the encouragement.. good luck to everyone!
@najalong you speak truth :))
@najalong well said!!!
thanks and good luck
Same to you all we can do this FIGHTING xD✊