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T.O.P. is so handsome, has a sexy deep voice, and has eyes that will make you... Well use your imagination( BAD BOY). At first glance you wouldn't expect him to be so calm or corky. Truth is he has a funny laugh and I believe he would be an easy person to get along with. When you hear him rap your like HYFR! His flow and tone is killer. You get a HIGH HIGH vibe that makes you want.... Well we all do our own thing, ~keekee~ P.S.: T.O.P. has grown as an actor and model. Even if he sweats alot, I dont mind taking a peak at those abs. Just saying oppa, your HOT no matter what you do.
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@k8wnba20 ahahhha thanks best of luc
@tayunnie thanks good luck to you too.
I used to go between Jonghyun and T.O.P but you can not get over how deep and sexy his voice
@JemmaWatson omg ikr his voice is just pure heaven 馃挄
@JemmaWatson @celesteyc the voice definitely make you tingle and say omg 鈽嗏櫋鈽嗏櫋