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It had been a long time since History filmed for a broadcast, and the main reason was because they had been preparing for a comeback. They had a filming for Hashtag today for the first time in ages, and all the members of History were pumped up after the show. Only Kyungil was worn out and tired. Not only physically, but mentally. The reason was preeetty clear: Yijeong had fired his cuteness level up a notch, especially during the filming.
"What's wrong with that?" You might ask. Well, Kyungil has been holding his feelings back for quite the while, and was only able to push back his affection toward Yijeong because of the upcoming promotions. Yijeong just had to make everything more difficult. It was getting hard to hold back the feelings he wasn't supposed to feel for his dongsaeng. As Kyungil sat in the dressing room waiting for the other members to get ready to leave, he sighed and laid back on the couch. There was too much on his mind and he did not feel like being nice and going to help Dokyun out with the cleaning up. Sadly, his alone time was disturbed as a familiar someone laid his head on the leader's chest.
Unable to put his arm anywhere else, Kyungil hesitantly draped it over Yijeong's shoulder. He always did it naturally, but today, it felt like gravity was pulling down on him. Nothing was natural. "Hyunggg, are you sick?" Yijeong, the maknae, asked in a concerned tone as he snuggled up against Kyungil. Kyungil only managed to shake his head no, and chose to stay silent. Yijeong glanced up at his hyung before choosing to push further. "Jinja? Then....are you hurt anywhere?" Kyungil shook his head no again.
Yijeong purposely pouted, in hopes to get the leader's mood up, but it didn't seem to work. Kyungil saw the facial expression as uncomfortable and at the moment, almost irritating. It was even more torture than Yijeong simply snuggling with him, because at this point, he could not ignore the fact that he thought the maknae was cute.
"Yah, stop that face. I'm just tired, okay? That's all, nothing more." Kyungil lightly whacked Yijeong on the head before getting up. "Stop pushing it." He gave Yijeong his usual smile, and before Yijeong could protest, he walked away and approached the others. "Guys, let's go outside. Manager hyung is waiting!" Kyungil called out. He casually threw his arm over Dokyun's shoulders and gave Dokyun's dress shirt a light pat. "Already?" Jaeho asked in surprise, glancing over at the two. "He's quite early today...that's weird." Kyungil smiled awkwardly. "Yeah, I guess." Sihyeong just shrugged. "Maybe manager's decided to live his life punctually for once." "Yeah, right," Dokyun laughed. "Hyung, I know you love me but can you take your hands off my body for a sec? I have to fix myself up more handsomely so you'll continue to like me." Kyungil pulled away as Dokyun leaned in and adjusted his necktie in the mirror. "Oh my god, Dokyun, your sass just rose to another level." Kyungil deadpanned. Sihyeong laughed and purposely wrinkled Dokyun's shirt as he walked by, earning himself a beating. "Why is he so...distant today?" Yijeong thought to himself as he watched the leader interact with the other members. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, interrupting everyone in the dressing room. "Come in!" Kyungil called out. The door swung open, revealing none other than their sunbae, IU. Kyungil grinned, momentarily forgetting his feelings of turmoil earlier.
"Sunbaenim, annyeonghaseyo!" History greeted IU with 90 degree bows and IU laughed. "Annyeong!" "Jieun-ah, you didn't bring us any food?" Kyungil asked with a joking glint in his eyes. "Ani," IU giggled, "I just came to visit you guys!" With just the entrance of one girl, the whole room became full of laughter again, and this time, with the addition of Kyungil's own addictive laughing. Yijeong stood to the side, leaning on the counter of one of the makeup mirrors. He did not know why, but he felt an unpleasant feeling creeping up his stomach as he watched IU laugh with Kyungil. Why did Kyungil seem to change when he was around IU?
Feeling insecure, Yijeong casually walked over to Kyungil's side and without sparing the leader or IU a glance, he grabbed Kyungil's arm and held it like he did everyday. Was Kyungil going to push him off? Was IU going to make a comment about it? Yijeong sat there nervously and waited. Nothing happened. Yijeong slowly lifted his head up to see Kyungil and IU chatting as if nothing changed. Yijeong's expression fell and he knew he was disappointed. He just didn't know why. To hide his feelings, he pulled his phone out with his other hand and began to mindlessly tap the screen.
Almost as if Kyungil could read his feelings, he was surprised as Kyungil leaned over to glance at what he was looking at. As he did so, Kyungil gave Yijeong's hand a much needed squeeze, almost like a squeeze of encouragement. It was small, but it spoke volumes. All at once, Yijeong felt better. As IU got up to go talk to Jaeho and Sihyeong, Yijeong saw this as a chance to strike up a conversation. He turned to Kyungil, who was taking a sip of water. "Hyung!" He said cheerfully. "...Hmm?" Kyungil replied passively as he put his water bottle down. "About the show today.."
"KIDS, YOUR MANAGER IS OUTSIDE!" A loud voice startled everyone as IU's manager barged inside to fetch IU for her next schedule. Yijeong caught his breath and let it out as he got interrupted in the most annoying way possible. "He'll be pretty pissed if you guys don't get out soon." IU's manager commented as he grabbed IU's hand. "OH MY GOD, we are in deep trouble, guys!" Jaeho shouted as he grabbed his stuff. "BYEEEE!!" The yellow haired kid sprinted his way out of the room, leaving the other members behind. "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SURVIVE ALONE!!" Dokyun shouted next, stumbling everywhere to get his stuff. Before he could sprint out, he grabbed Kyungil's arm with his free hand and grinned. "Let's run." Sihyeong quickly followed suit. Without another word, everyone disappeared and left Yijeong hanging, confused and blank-faced. IU giggled. "Yijeong-ah, I think you need to run too." Yijeong held back a sigh and bit his lip, suddenly feeling the urge to be rude toward his sunbae. This wasn't like him. She was just being nice. She did nothing wrong. "Arraseoyo. Annyeonghigyeseyo." Yijeong bowed, and silently left the room.


BONUS #2 I was just gonna try and see if anyone would like this...Idk if I should continue lolol feeling super awkward and insecure right now, like Yijeong and Kyungil here xD especially since I wrote this all in one go on my phone...FEEDBACK? ♡♡♡ AFF Profile:
I need moaaaaar
@VixenViVi ;333 ♡
@kpopchicken I need part 2 XD
@kpopchicken lol it can wait until your vacation is over though we'll all be drowning in feels until then XD
@shannonl5 thanks!! I'll probably write part 2 soon, not sure if I'm ending this at part 2 xD on vacation in DC rn and data running low this month so can't do much surfing on here hahaha @VixenViVi I've found a new hobby, causing unexpected feels for everyone LOL
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