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I don't know if anybody else is having this problem but when it comes to picking a bias in bigbang I can never do it. GD and TOP are tied at first place but I can't choose what so ever. If I pick TOP I feel bad because Im not picking GD but if I puck GD I feel bad because Im not picking TOP. Is anybody else having this problem with any group? Im starting to except that GD and TOP come as a bundle lol. I really hope Im not the only one this is happening to but Im kind of glad they are both my bias in BigBang.
@bangtanboysfan1 Yes!! I can never pick between the two :33
you're not alone...with bigbang you will have a bias and the bias ruiner is in the group itself. i bias seungri but gd is my bias ruiner
I have the same issue with BigBang and Got7 and BTS .....and Shinee, you know they are a group for a reason why do I have to suffer by choosing only one xD
@lamrotamrot it sometimes sucks because when I do kpop challenges and tags I never know how to answer the one question that says: GD or TOP, or, Who is your bias in BigBang
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