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my reaction when i hear or see other countries getting additional tour dates, but Texas isn't one of them. like seriously?!? help get BigBang to come to Texas through: http://m2t.tv/T5Mf #BIGBANGinTexas any support would be greatly appreciated. -Thank you
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i wish they woupd come to wyoming
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@Mikim000 you can always try to get them to come, as we Texas BigBang VIPS are trying to do through mymusuctaste on the link provided: http://m2t.tv/T5Mf you get to choose the location in which you want them to come.
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@SusyHerrera wyo is such a small state that there arent a lot of vips here so i doubt it will work
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@Mikim000 you'll never know if you don't try.
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