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Before and after DIY
so this is just a little garage sale find! easy diy!
so i found this bad boy at a garage sale and purchased it for $10. although, you could use basically any 2 shelf thing for a side table, even 2 crates stacked looks amazing!
so here is an easy little diy. all ypu need is a picture frame, and some black or white paint. just paint the back of the glass one of the two colors. if painted black, use a white (or pink in this case) chalk to write your fav quote on! If white paint, use an erasable marker!
another easy thing, just a candle and some $3 beads i had from walmart laying around! so simple yet it adds such a both effect.
here i just have a mason jar with spare change, and another candle. (i love candles)
and on the bottom shelf along with a couple essentials (laptop and remotes) just add a couple books you have, and maybe a pretty jewelry box. and WALLA a beautiful, inexpensive piece to your bedroom. ☺ Thanks For Reading!
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Hi @carnaaaaa You did a good job decorating this. I think this card would work better in the Interior Design Community since this is more about decorating than a do-it-yourself project that transforms. You can visit the community here: https://www.vingle.net/community/Interior-Design Another community that would love this is the Home Interior & Decor Community, which you can visit here: https://www.vingle.net/community/Home-Interior-Decor
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