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My reaction after getting my AP Scores.
A year worth of studying. All for nothing.
Who else can relate?
Ur crazy I would never take the test without taking the classes mostly cause I don't know how to study. If I didn't take the class then I would have never gotten the score I got. even if the class was a bit of a hot mess. I got a 3. I was supposed to have studied for it but....yea.....I don't know what happened. I did for a day .
OMG which ap exam did u take? I took AP U.S. history
That was me getting my Anthro scores ;( Not happy at all @TMinusEleven
Lol .u taking any other AP in the future? Why didn't u take the class?
@justmeplz1998 yeah I know it changed. I thought I would be fine. I took the AP Biology test without doing the class last year and I aced it with a 4. But I guess US History is different than biology. 馃槀
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