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Here we go!
Let's go out of order~ Daesung is beaten up but he goes back to prove that he is more than what everyone else thinks he is and gets beaten up again. Poor baby...
Taeyang is a loner and is more than likely that he was abandoned at one point, which is why he probably why he lives by himself at a junkyard.
Poor TOP just can't find a place where he fits, and the last scenes of the M/V just crushed me when he was wandering with tears in his eyes.
Maknae Seungri is just rejected time and time again and feels unloved by the girl's actions towards him...
And last but not least, GD. He has a hard time fining himself and hates that he can't, so he causes destruction so someone can feel sympathy towards him.
But... yeah. Loser will be one of those songs that will forever make me sad. *BONUS* BUT HERES A PIC FROM THE M/V FILMING THAT SHOWS THEM HAPPY *BONUS*
@DannyNeders I think TOP and Daesung got to me the most, personally. It hursts to see them cry
Daesung had the saddest character but I thought TOP and Taeyang had interesting ones too, I'm still not really sure what GD issue was though...
Loser crushed me, the Daesung mini clip made me cry so much, Honestly feel Daesung and GD in this one. (Even though Seungri is my UB) I can relate to GD, and Daesung's scene is just sad period. @rosechang