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Having a hard time deciding what to watch. So many oldies but goodies. Any suggestions?
Even though I watched Hana Yori Dango a few weeks ago, I never get tierd of it.
What's the movie in the middle (Where the girl is wearing all black)? Looks interesting!
@HairConfetti that one is the spin off of IRIS. It's called Goddess of War Athena
@k8wnba20 just saw the preview and it's going on my watch list. I just need to make time for it since it's 20 episodes.
@HairConfetti have you seen Iris 1 and 2. Athena can stand alone but you may want to watch it in orderish. lol
@k8wnba20 No, I haven't. The only kdrama I've watched is "Ghost/Phantom". I'll take your suggestion and watching IRIS first.