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The Moon That Embraces The Sun : Yeo Jin Goo - Kim Yoo Jung & I Miss You: Yeo Jin Goo (Han Jung Woo) dengan Kim So Hyun (Soo Yeon) at MBC Awards 2012

nyanyi brg .. hehe. ekspresi jin goo bikin ngakak bah :D
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Korean TV, This Is Just Getting Ridiculous
So by now we all know about Produce 101. In case you don't, though, here's a short breakdown: There have been two seasons on MBC (one for girls, one for boys) that takes 101 trainees and puts them through tests and voting until only a certain number remain and they create a new idol group (for a short period of time, then they go back to their original companies. The channel KBS is preparing to take it to the next level. The company is preparing a show currently called "The Final 99 Match" that will take performers that have had the chance to debut, but never found success. There are plenty of idol groups (unfortuately called "nugus") that have never really succeeded. Ideally, this show is where they get a chance to join a new group and get a shot at fame. That's sort of normal and understandable, but this is where it gets absolutely ridiculous. There reportedly will be 250 BOYS AND 250 GIRLS competing. 9 of each gender will survive and be placed into groups (number of groups have not been decided) I understand that idol TV shows are getting popular, much like how American Idol in the States led to The X Factor, The Voice, America's Got Talent, etc etc etc. But 500 people?! When they've already survived the harsh kpop audition and training system to debut? That must be so heartbreaking for all of them. I'd feel less bad if they were complete rookies with zero training but dang, to already debut...its like NU'EST being in Produce 101 right now. So sad for the fans :/ I wish everyone luck and hope it changes some lives for the better but I have a feeling this competition is going to be a heart ache. What do you guys think? source