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I work at Walmart and I went to the back room and saw this! I thought it said EXO and I freaked out because I am the only one in my department that likes KPop. After thinking about it, it actually said EXP as in expired.... Well I would try to find hidden KPop messages while working lol. :P
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@FabiolaGavina hehe I'm sure that if we all became roommates. first we would need a huge mansion haha thou don't have to. anyway our house would be made out of kpop haha everything kpop groups forks tables chairs pretty sure the beds and windows and doors haha
never alone here. at least that's how I feel hehe
@veselovskayavic OMG of course. That reminded me of this card that said we have to make sure to marry someone who is into KPOP as well, because only they can understand our craziness.
@FabiolaGavina don't have to and drive that person crazy or do marry somone like that and both of u go crazy haha