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^^ check out my dance cover to Big Bang's Loser. I added some tall pole to it too! hope you guys like it! I really love this song <3
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@TMinusEleven haha yes. I usually use swing flags but I used a tall pole flag for this one, but yes color guard 馃槉
@katiems You do guard... I do guard... We need to be friends!
@TMinusEleven Iwould agree!! 馃榿
Aww, nice Kpop & Guard 馃槃 Two things that changed my life!! Sadly, i had to let ome of them go (guard) Btw, great job on representing both(: @katiems All i do now is learn kpop choreo! But since my little sis in guard now, ill pbbly steal her flag and practice on my own just do this!!(; hehe
@yehet27 thank you very much! Doing covers like this is the only thing I'm able to do with guard anymore. But I'm totally the same, guard & Kpop changed my life too ^^