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are any of y'all mercuries? i have honestly loved a girl group as much as i love spica omg who's your bias if you do like them?? mine is the lovely kim boa ^^ they're so amazingly talented and they're all basically main vocals and boa has the most raspy amazing voice ever and her and bohyung have such amazing ranges and jiwon has that cute little lisp and she can sing too like damn and narae's voice is so smooth and sihyun can rap really well but she can sing so well too like what?? and they're all gorgeous and so tall and wow they're just so amazing and i just wish they could get more recognition and become more popular ;; if y'all don't know spica, please go look them up!! their songs are all amazing but i would recommend listening to their covers as well :-) specifically the cups song on weekly idol, no diggity, right here on a song 4 u, and lost stars. for their songs, i really love them all but ghost, you don't love me, and tonight are some of the more recent and popular ones!! i swear you won't regret looking them up ;; *fun fact: kim boa was actually Infinite (인피니트)'s vocal coach!! so if you love infinite's vocals, you definitely should check out spica because she taught them!! :-)
SPICA \(^-^)/ I love them soo much, I don't have a bias cause I think they are all awesome ^^ it's good to see more SPICA fans here ^^
@jiggzy19 i love meeting other spica fans! there aren't too many that i know unfortunately :-(
@MattK95 yay spica fans!! these girls deserve so much more and it sucks that they're so underrated but it just makes meeting other fans so much nicer~ hahaha
@ephneyt lol I thought the exact same thing while reading this card ^^ hehe @MattK95
Love SPICA! I love them all lol I don't have a bias ^^